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In 2010 I moved to Durango and worked as a makeup artist, primarily with brides and photographers while earning my practical hours to receive my Colorado Cosmetology License. I have a Bachelor’s degree (BFA) in Fine Art from the University of Colorado, and have worked as a makeup artist for 10 years before moving to Durango. I wanted to officially have a license with my name on it so that I could do everything- hair, makeup and styling.

What I’m doing now is truly my passion and every day I meet new challenges, and very much consider myself to be a life long learner. Over the years of working with brides and photographers, I have learned what a gift it is to spend such precious one-on-one time with the bride on her big day.  It is like being backstage with the headlining star before she walks the red carpet. Even better, it is like holding hands with one of your soul sisters and best friends and take a few deep breaths before she takes the stage to inspire everyone around her.  It is a very special space to hold! And, it is my joy, my passion, my best day ever to help a bride feel polished and beautiful, relaxed and pampered, and genuinely cared for on her wedding day.

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